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Secondary dress code

The school dress code calls for a tidy appearance and clothing which is appropriate to the learning environment.

In keeping with rules of decorum, headwear of any kind (caps, beanies, etc.) must be removed upon entering school buildings.

For 6e to 4e and Year 7 to Year 9 

Students in Years 6 to 4 and 7 to 9 must conform to the following dress code:


  • Plain black or dark grey jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan without logos or writing (brands, slogans, etc.)​
  • White polo-shirt, shirt or blouse or navy-blue polo-shirt with the IIL logo (can be bought at the school shop)


  • Plain black, blue or dark grey trousers, smart jeans (no holes) or skirt, or bermuda shorts in hot weather
  • Discreet, preferably dark coloured shoes

From 3e and Year 10 onwards 

For students from Year 10 and 3e onwards, there is no specific dress code to follow. However, all students are requested to dress in such a way as to reflect the values of the school:


  • Discreet make-up​


  • leggings
  • mini-skirts or shorts, even if worn with leggings
  • crop tops or small straps
  • visible underwear
  • clothes with holes or cuts
  • tracksuits, other than for sports lessons
  • clothes bearing inappropriate images or slogans (indecent, violent, promoting alcohol
    or cigarettes)
  • Piercings are not permitted
  • Tattoos must be covered up
  • Subtle, natural-coloured dyed hair (no pink, green, blue, etc.)

In case of non-conformity, the Vie Scolaire reserves the right to obtain a suitable outfit for the student to attend class or to contact parents to find a suitable solution.

Physical education

Official IIL sportswear and sports shoes are compulsory for Physical Education and Sports classes.

Secondary students may bring their sportswear in a bag and store it in their locker. IIL sportswear and sports shoes are compulsory for P.E. lessons and no exception will be made. Students adapt their sports kit depending on the weather (tracksuit/shorts/t-shirt).

Students who forget their IIL official sportswear may be sanctioned and are not exempted from attending classes. Such situations must remain exceptional. In the case of frequent forgetfulness, new sportswear will be provided and billed to parents.

Laboratory protective equipment

Covering clothes (no shorts or open shoes), a lab coat, and protective glasses or cover glasses are compulsory in the laboratories because of frequent experiments or manipulations involving hazardous  chemicals, dissections and/or Bunsen burners.