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Primary dress code

Students will be dressed in the Institute's colours on a daily basis, but must wear the Institute's official uniform on cultural and educational outings and on special occasions. Sportswear and laboratory protective equipment are also available. 

Everyday uniform

Each child must have a full set of IIL school wear. The  uniform consists of the following :


  • Dark green sweatshirt, jersey or cardigan
  • Lancy Lions jumper is authorized but not part of the official uniform
  • White short or long-sleeved shirt, polo-shirt with a collar or a polo-neck in winter (no t-shirts)


  • Grey school-style trousers, shorts, skirts or dress (no jeans or leggings)
  • IIL green and white checked dress
  • White, grey or black tights or socks
  • Black shoes


  • IIL cap
  • Green, white or grey ribbons, hairband or slides

Official school wear

Each child must have a full set of IIL official school wear for outings and special events. The official uniform consists of the following :


  • IIL dark green sweatshirt, jersey or cardigan
  • IIL white polo shirt


  • IIL grey trousers, skirt or dress


  • IIL cap​

In case of non-conformity, the Vie Scolaire reserves the right to obtain a suitable outfit for the student to attend class or to contact parents to find a suitable solution.

Physical education 

IIL official sportswear and sports shoes are compulsory for P.E. lessons.

Primary children come to school in IIL sportswear on days when P.E. is scheduled and will wear it all day (tracksuit/shorts/t-shirt, depending on the weather).

Students who forget their IIL official sportswear may be sanctioned and are not exempted from attending classes. Such situations must remain exceptional. In the case of frequent forgetfulness, new sportswear will be provided and billed to parents.

Laboratory protective equipment

Covering clothes (no shorts or open shoes), a lab coat, and protective glasses or cover glasses are compulsory in the laboratories because of frequent experiments or manipulations involving hazardous  chemicals, dissections and/or Bunsen burners.